“The first time I heard Alex’s talk I really identified myself with him and with a lot of things he has gone through. What i really like about his talks is that he tells it how it is. Since then, Ive been able to open my heart up to God. With the talks I’ve heard He gives me the strength to do my own testimony. Which helped me let go of my negative habits and bad behavior. Thank you for changing the world Alex”  


“After hearing the talks Alex Gotay, a swirl of thoughts were awakened in my mind afterwards. I never thought of my faith until I listened to his talks. Ever since then I’ve looked for answers and for more understanding. This man talks helped me through many trials and tribulations in my past endeavors, and real talk, everyone should listen to his message from God.”  


Alex Gotay is one of the most inspirational and motivating person I know. His faith for God is incredible. I feel so blessed to hear his talks and speeches, because without them I honestly would have no part take with the Catholic Church and I know I would have never gotten Confirmed. His talks about how God loves us, or forgiveness, or how one should let go of the past, they really lift me up and remind me to keep my head up. They remind me that no one is perfect and that God loves us so much exactly how we are and that he knows what we go through each and every day. His talks have truly impacted my life in the most positive way. He is an amazing speaker with an amazing faith! If you haven’t heard him yet, then what are you doing?!  


“The first time I saw Alex Gotay, he was honestly the type of person that you would think had no words so powerful. After I got to listen to Alex Gotay’s talks, they changed my life forever. Alex has the personality that this generation tends to love because although he can joke around, the tone in his voice lets you know he cares and sees a change in this world. When I hear him talk it’s like I have just opened another part of my heart to God because all the grace is given to Him. Alex’s talks help me understand how powerful God is and should be in your life because He has done so much for us. I have started to dedicate my life to learning how to give my God more power and more glory to the God that we all adore.  Alex always tells it how it is and never sugar coats it because he knows you deserve the truth. He is a blessing in my life! The one thing of the many things that Alex has taught me is to be thankful to be blessed. Thank you Alex for your talks that help us grow as children of Christ.”  


“At first sight Alex may not seem to the bet he person he is described to be.  Most people til this day when they first meet Alex don’t know what to think.  Once you listen to him talk and talk to Alex your whole perception will change.  Once you listen you will see the Godliness inside of him.  With his passion towards what he does he finds ways to speak on life as it evolves and problems that teens deal with today.  He uses personal stories to help connect with teens.  He speaks in a tone and rhythm that appeals to today’s society by positively making his audience both look deep within themselves and laugh with his jokes!  He gets this same response no matter what Churches he goes too.  He speaks to different nationalities and personalities yet they all give him that same response, a call to be better Catholics.  Alex is one of the most inspirational examples, thanks be to God!”  


“Before I heard Alex’s talks I was spiritually lost and after hearing him talk he opened up my eyes to a new perspective in life”  


“Alex is a great inspiration to all the youth. Those who listen to every word he says will find a message that will make in impact in their lives. Through his talk, he showed me God’s message in a different way that opened up my eyes and to be able to help others with no difficulty.”  


Dcn Bob J.  Henkel

Alex Gotay is a man dedicated to living the greatest commandment to Love God with all his heart and to Love others. His knowledge of Scripture and of the Church is unsurpassed. He has a special and unique gift that allows him to enter the hearts of the people he communicates to; he can feel their pain, sorrows and also laugh with their triumphs and joys. This gift he freely opens with every talk allowing him to connect with his audience to give them hope and this is the hope does not disappoint! His delivery is genuine, real and energetic. He will inspire those in attendance with real stories and give real examples that will break down barriers and strip off masks used to hide what is really going on inside.  

Valerie Cobio, Young Adult

“Before listening to Alex Gotay I had no understanding with the religion concept. Even after attending many other churches, and masses I never had the desire for a connection. I shamefully say I didn’t really understand the purpose of the bond with God. That is until I came listened to the talks given from Alex. From the first time in attending one of his talks I was truly touched and inspired. Feelings of curiosity and greatness came from within me and all just from one speech which changed my life. Alex has the knowledge and the desire to touch each and everyone’s soul in attendance. Every talk Ive heard is never like the one before, it’s full of experience and references that can all relate to, which is something you don’t find now days. Alex has a wonderful potential to reach to those, and has a way of getting people to understand God and the Bible in a way you didn’t see before. When he speaks you want to automatically pay attention due to the emotion he puts into his sentences. It’s as if God is speaking through him and you can feel it with a positive vibe. You can’t help but reflect on something that has happened to you or something in that moment, and you just feel as if he is talking to you. Even if you think there is no such thing as God, there is no chance you can’t hear Alex and not walk away with a want or desire for a stronger connection with God, and wanting to know more. You will take away something positive and the feeling of needing to hear what he is to say next because God is good all the time and all the time God is good!  

Yvette Gonzalez, Parent

"In order to tell you about the wonderful experience I felt after attending one of Alex Gotay's speeches, I must tell you a little about myself...I was not strong in my faith.  I was going through the motions and attending Mass only because that is what was expected as a parent and wife.  I was brought up Catholic and never truly understood my faith. While listening to Alex talk, while making references from the Bible along with different saints, he brought to light things I had never heard of.  Everything he spoke about was meant for me.  I felt this overwhelming sensation of fear and peace all the same time.  I felt assured that everything I had been going through would be OK. That moment was the light at the end of the tunnel. I needed that night! It was God. I was touched by the Holy Spirit. God spoke through Alex to reach out to me, so that I could grow closer in my faith and walk the path of Jesus almighty.  I heard of people being touched by the Holy Spirit,  I never thought I would be so fortunate.  I was a bit skeptical to say the least. The more Alex went further into his speech, the more I felt God's presence!  It was so close and deep that night that it  brought me to tears!  Having said all this,  I have since then realized that I want to grow in my faith and walk in the path of Jesus.  Alex has truly been an inspiration through the Holy Spirit and God almighty  to walk in my faith and learn to be Jesus to others!"  

Tiffany Charros, Youth Ministry

  It has been said that when do you do things for a greater cause than yourself, you will go further in life. Through his talks, he bears that truth of Christ and shares it with the world. In sharing his testimony, he inspires our youth, adults, and to instill faith in us when we need it most. We all have a story, we think of our lives as a mess, but it’s so our lives can be a message. Some struggle more than others, and I am a firm believer that our almighty God places people along our path exactly when they should be there. After raising 2 kids at the age of 11 because my father was addicted to cocaine, an abusive relationship that almost took my life, rape, selling drugs to put food on the table, gang involvement, living on the street, attempted suicide, health problems, and a failed marriage of 10 years after a miss-carriage by the time 2014 came to a close I lost touch with my faith. I questioned God over and over, and it came to a point that I even questioned his existence in my age (28), until I heard Alex's talk for the night. Genesis 1:27 “God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him.” Those were the first words that had made me feel my faith again, the faith I lost October 2013. He went on to say how we are created for love, by love, and with love. I’ve never felt more at home, inspired, and motivated to live God’s will. It was that day in January that I knew I wanted to build back my faith, and trust the word. Alex did that for me, as he does for so many others daily. His knowledge on all theological subjects surpasses anyone I have ever known. But what makes him stand out from everyone, is the way he delivers his the message. Alex translates the word into a modern message we can all understand and relate to. He breaks down the traditional walls of faith, and just gives us the pure, raw, real deliverance. All of the talks each have their own theme, their own message, and their own motivation behind them. Being a cradle Catholic all my life you read and retain information from the church, but thanks to Alex and his words I am now living the word. Living not just existing.  

Dcn. J. Lane, University Newman Center Campus Minister

“Alex can connect with his audience through relevant stories and existential experiences. College students find him relatable.”  

D. Barrow, Religious Ed Coordinator

“The message of the Gospel infused with Hip-Hop is a powerful way to connect with youth today that is unique and effective. Alex is the synthesis of that connection!“  

Austin Gutierrez, Youth Ministry

When I first noticed Alex, I didn’t know what to think. My thought he was just going to be another speaker, just looks a little different. I guess that was my first lesson, not to assume things without knowing the person. I was going based on all the youth speakers I have seen in my life either growing up in the Church, at my job (I work for the Church) or in the seminary. Over the years since I was a kid I never really heard anyone who caught my attention too much.  When I finally heard Alex I was amazed how complete it was in the theological aspect and also how it was executed in the format. His talks are made for all teens, not just a specific population. In this current generation there are so many distractions. We tend not to see God in our lives or in our daily routines because we are so blind, that we don’t see that what we do isn’t right. It is either socially acceptable or justified. We might preach the word of god verbally and learn the motions, but do we actually know what it means? Or do we actually see and understand the beauty of the gospel? These are just the basic questions that that he has the challenges the youth with in his talks. These same teens have and its rarely answered or discarded, especially in talks and programs. Alex has a vocation (small “v” in the Catholic world) in youth ministry and speaking. That’s what makes Alex different from other speakers and youth ministers. Alex has a vocation, I believe that God is using his gifts, his experience to help relate and speak to our teens how important they are is in the Church, not in the future but now. “You are here to build a relationship with God…” –Alex Gotay.  That quote is what caught my attention, it is something so basic but it’s something much more bigger. This ideology is what makes the difference and made me realize that we have it backwards we tend to pride ourselves by thinking that knowing the motions and prayers is the way to create a relationship with god, and makes an ideal catholic. What’s important is to feel that God is present, real, and we do have a way to communicate with him, with no limits. These are just the small things in his talks that has caught my attention. Alex has a gift that makes you discover your gifts and how to use that unique gift (Vocation) to serve the Lord and help our brother and sisters. What he does is bring us back to our roots and see what is important in our personal and spiritual lives in his talks.”  

Maria Martinez, Youth Ministry

“About four months ago, I heard Alex Gotay speak for the first time. His wise words paved my way for my changing Catholic lifestyle. This talk also was one of the most amazing experiences I had. I know that he was able to touch the heart of those present and really he really captured what our faith, as Catholics, is. I pray that God keeps blessing him doing what he is doing! May God bless Alex Gotay!”